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Blackrock Property Claims Ltd is a leading Loss Assessor, and Property Claims Management Specialist. We are authorised and regulated by the FCA. We focus on your best interests throughout your insurance claim. You are in control at all times whilst we focus on maximising your settlement. Best of all, the service is free.

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If you have had a burst pipe, flood, fire or any other damage happen to your property, then call us for help. Blackrock Claims are leading Loss Assessors and claim management specialists. We focus on your best interests throughout your insurance claims journey.

We work for you, keeping you in control and ensuring we maximise your insurance claim settlement. On average, you can expect up to 30% increase in your final settlement.


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Make sure you get the settlement you are entitled to

As Loss Assessors, we can prepare all the quotations and estimates and liaise with the Insurance Company or their appointed Loss Adjuster. There is no need for you to arrange and submit any quotes for each trade. We deal with the entire process on your behalf.
As Loss Assessors (sometimes referred to as an Independent Loss Adjuster), we work for you and we aim to maximise your claim. You can find out the difference between a loss assessor and a loss adjuster here

You should be aware that the insurance company appoints a Loss Adjuster with the sole aim of reducing the cost of your claim to the Insurance Company. It is a myth that Loss Adjusters have your best interests at heart. They don’t! They can’t be independent as they are paid by the Insurance Company and its all about the results. If the Loss Adjuster did not save the Insurance Company money, then they would not employ them.

When we handle your insurance claim, you can generally expect to receive a larger settlement. Your settlement can be up to 30% more, allowing you to get your property back to its original condition. We create a detailed schedule of works. It is itemised down to the last detail making it difficult for the Loss Adjuster to dispute and ensures you receive what you are entitled to under your insurance policy.
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Insurance claims management for homeowners

If you have a damaged home no matter what has caused the issue, speak with Blackrock Claims today for help and guidance. Contact us for free impartial advice on how you should proceed with your claim, and we will get you on track to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

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Fire Insurance Claim

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burst pipe insurance claims

Burst pipe insurance claim

A burst pipe can cause a lot of damage if it is upstairs, but some burst pipes can go undetected for many weeks or months. You must ensure it is dealt with appropriately as there can be severe consequences for your property. Blackrock Claims understand how to deal with these claims…

flood insurance claims

Flood insurance claim

If your home has been flooded you are generally not alone as the flooding may have affected many more households in your area, Insurance companies will be experiencing a surge in claims. In our experience, you need to act fast. Request a call back so that we can give you impartial no-obligation advice…

storm damage insurance claims

Storm and other damage

Blackrock Claims have experience in dealing with all types of household claims including impact, storms, malicious damage and theft. These can sometimes be more complicated than the average claim. Below we have created a guide to help you through your crisis…

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Home Insurance Claim Help

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